Savannah Scottish Games

clans & societies

The 43rd Annual Savannah Scottish Games was honored to host the following clans in for the 2019 games. 
clan buchanan society intl
house of burnett
clan campbell society na
clan colquhous intl society
​Clan Donald USA
Clan Douglas Society of N.A.
Clan Donnachaidh Society
Clan Elliott
Clan Farquharson USA
Clan Ferguson
clan fraser
house of gordon USA
Clan Gunn Society of N.A.
clan henderson society
Clan Hope of Craighall
clan keith society usa
kennedy society of na
thanks to all the clans who came to the savannah games!

clan sutherland was the honored clan for the 2019 savannah games

Clan Mac Laren​​
Clan MacEwen
clan mackay
Clan Mackintosh of NA
clan maclean
clan macleod usa
clan macrae
Int. clan MacFarlane society
Clan McCallum / Malcolm
Clan Moncreiffe Society
clan montgomery
Clan Morrison
clan munro
Clan Ross of United States
clan sinclair usa
clan sutherland
scottish heritage society of the south
The Savannah Scottish Games celebrates the best of Celtic heritage. Clan booths are set up on the grounds allowing visitors to learn more about the Highland peoples - and possibly find their own roots.  
​​a celtic tradition since 1976