a celtic tradition since 1976 
43rd annual | saturday may 4, 2019
performers for the 2019 opening ceremonies posted soon.

opening ceremonies

MacGilliossa is a Florida-based Scottish/Celtic national touring band playing a mix of traditional songs, contemporary/fusion, and and tunes and their own original compositions. Featuring guitars, drums, bagpipes, the fiddle, bodhran, bouzouki and whistle, MacGilliossa are crowd-pleasing, high energy performers led by Scottish immigrant, champion bagpiper, singer/songwriter Paul Macleish, Kathryn Parker on fiddle and bass guitar, Dominick Mandano on percussion and KT Scott on bagpipes and Irish whistle

Learn more about MacGilliossa from their website HERE!

entertainment stage

Savannah Scottish Games

The Coastal Celtic Consortium

The Coastal Celtic Consortium is a loose-knit group of local musicians who perform together for events in the Savannah area that require a Celtic influence.  For the 2019 Savannah Scottish Games the musicians include Bill Smith, Judy Williams, and Colleen Settle.  ​

2019 schedule for the entertainment stage
9:30     The Coastal Celtic Consortium
11:00     MacGilliossa
12:30    The Coastal Celtic Consortium
1:30      MacGilliossa
2:30     The Coastal Celtic Consortium
3:30     MacGilliossa