Savannah Scottish Games

​​a celtic tradition since 1976 

 We will have books and charts on: Scots Clans, their septs and tartans, Irish Families, their Arms and county tartans, and authoritative lists of the peoples who populated Ireland and Scotland, and all of Great Britain.        

And finally, DNA has opened up a whole new world.  Come and share it with us!!
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The Savannah Scottish Games and the Savannah Area Genealogical Association will jointly sponsor two tents at the Games this year.  There will be information on Highland Scots, Lowland Scots, Ulster Scots (Scots-Irish), Irish, English, Manx, Welsh, and Orkney.                                 

                   What's in a name? Discover your roots in the Scottish Highlands by visiting the genealogy tent on Clan Row or visit clan tents to learn more about their clan and Scottish heritage.  Come spend some time with the Savannah Area Genealogical Association and other local historians who are knowledgeable in Scots and Irish history and genealogy. 

Discover your Scottish or Irish Heritage with the Savannah Area Genealogical Association