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Sheep Herding

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You never know what you’ll see at a Highland Games! Our Scottish Border Collies put on a delightful show for the whole family.

Located in Townville in South Carolina, Red Creek Farm is home to Carol Anne Bailey, her Border Collies, and a herd of Katahdin sheep. Carol Anne has been working with Border Collies since she was 9 years old and is heavily involved with training, breeding, teaching and competing with herding dogs. The Border Collies are used for everyday farm work, as well as herding trials and demos.


On the day of the Savannah Scottish Games, Carol Anne and her Border Collies will be on-site to demonstrate their amazing sheep herding skills. The Border Collies coming to the Games include Pete (the duck dog), Pearl, Star, and Layne will be herding Katahdin sheep. If you've never had the chance to witness the talented canines, the Savannah Scottish Games is a perfect time.


The dog's instant obedience to the trainer’s whistle and voice commands is one of the game's most favorite events. These intelligent animals put on a show that’s fun for the whole family!




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