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Savannah is the perfect destination for families that enjoy outdoor activities and in true Highland tradition from sword fighting and sheep herding demonstrations, this is a great opportunity for lads and lassies to let their imaginations soar!




- Pint-sized athletic activities - the tug-of-war, sheaf toss, caber toss, haggis hurl, stone throw, welly toss and sack race

- Celtic storyteller

- Mythical fairy, Zephyr

- Crafts AND MORE




Obtain PASSPORT from the Front Gate and as the family visits with the various clans collect clan passport stamps! A prize awaits - redeem Passport Stamps at the INFORMATION TENT!



Great opportunity for children to join First Tee Savannah in the Children's Area to learn about the ancient sport of Golf.



Visit the Savannah Ghost Pirates in the Vendor Marketplace as they share their love of hockey!



Wee Lads & Lassies assemble immediately after the welcoming ceremonies

(at about 12:15 p.m.) on the main field.  

The activities for the wee lads and lassies will run throughout the day (pausing at noon for the Welcoming Ceremonies and Kilted Run). The only competition is against their own results.

All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Come and have fun making family memories!

Children's Activities

Our wee visitors will have their own opportunities to try their hand at pint-sized athletic activities including the tug-of-war, sheaf toss, caber toss, haggis hurl, stone throw, welly toss and sack race. Grab a seat and hear the greatest of Scotland's stories from Celtic storyteller, Linda Bandilier, and keep your cameras ready as you might encounter the mythical fairy, Zephyr. coloring crafts, and other arts activities will also be available. 

Children's Activities

Proudly Sponsored by 
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Grab a seat and hear the greatest of Scotland's stories from Celtic storyteller, Linda Bandilier
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Crafts and other arts activities will keep the wee ones busy!

Tug-of-war, sheaf toss, caber toss, haggis hurl, stone throw, welly toss and sack race

Watch for Fairies...
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Build a strong mathematics foundation through customised math tutoring plans and face-to-face instructions, in centre or online.


Passport for Lads & Lassies

(Front Ticket Gate)


Wee ones can obtain a travel passport from the Front Gate and as the family visits with the various clans they can collect clan passport stamps! It is anyone's guess what prize awaits those lads and lassies who redeem their Passport Stamps at the INFORMATION TENT!



Ann Bailey Studio -

Commissioned Portrait Painting

Original Luxury Oils on Linen Canvas

Commissioned fine art/family portraiture.

ann marshall bailey portraits .jpeg

First Tee Golf

(Children's Activity Area)

A great opportunity for the wee ones to try their hand at Golf which was created in Scotland -- especially since Savannah is believed to be the first American city where it was played!  First Tee Savannah has agreed to bring their knowledge to the children at the Games. First Tee Savannah is a non-profit youth development organization that enables kids to build the strength of character that empowers them through a lifetime of new challenges. By seamlessly integrating the game of golf with a life skills curriculum, we create active learning experiences that build inner strength, self-confidence, and resilience that kids can carry to everything they do.


On record The Savannah Golf Club is the Oldest Golf Club in America and Savannah is believed to be the first American city where the game of golf was played. This proud heritage dates back to their beginnings in 1794.


Golf originated from a game played on the eastern coast of Scotland, close to  Edinburgh. In those early days players would attempt to hit a pebble over sand dunes and around tracks using a bent stick or club. During the 15th century, Scotland prepared to defend itself, yet again, against an invasion by the ‘Auld Enemy’. The nation’s enthusiastic pursuit of golf however, led many to neglect their military training, so much so that the Scottish parliament of King James II banned the sport in 1457.


The first ever 18-hole course was constructed at St Andrews in 1764, establishing the now recognised standard for the game. King William IV honoured the club with the title ‘Royal & Ancient’ in 1834, with that recognition and its fine course the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews was established as the world’s premier golf club.


The Savannah Golf Club and golf course was incorporated on December 29, 1899 in Chatham County. 


Savannah Ghost Pirates Hockey



Try your hand (including adults) at shooting a hockey puck into a goal! Visit the Savannah Ghost Pirates as they share their love of hockey!

The Savannah Ghost Pirates are a professional minor league ice hockey team in the ECHL, based in Savannah, Georgia. The team began play in the 2022–23 ECHL season with home games at the Enmarket Arena.


The origins of hockey are often debated. It is likely that hockey developed from stick-and-ball games played in the British Isles, particularly hurling (Ireland), shinty (Scotland) and bandy (England). These games shared a very similar basic structure and have been documented from the 14th century. Hurling was an ancient Irish stick-and-ball game that was originally played on the ground and resembled modern field hockey (it later evolved into the aerial game played today). In Scotland, people played a similar game called shinty (variations include shinny, schynnie and chamiare). In England, yet another similar game was called “bandy” or “bandie-ball.” The name is believed to have developed either from the verb “to bandy” (to strike back and forth) or from the bent stick used in the game. The term “bandy” was in use at least by 1610–11, when William Strachey, the first secretary of the Colony of Virginia, described a similar game played by the Powhatan Indian tribe.

The bent or curved sticks used in bandy are similar to those used in early versions of cricket and golf. This has contributed to further confusion and debate among hockey historians. Many paintings by Dutch or Flemish artists in the early modern period depict the game of “kolf” (an early version of golf) played on ice with skates and using bent sticks. The most famous is The Hunters in the Snow (1565) by Pieter Bruegel. Some people have mistaken the games depicted in these paintings for early versions of ice hockey, but it is unlikely that any of them depicted a team sport.

Children's Kilted Run

Kilted Run

(Main Field)

Children interested in joining the kilted run should assemble immediately after the welcoming ceremonies at about 12:15 p.m. on the main field.  Parents, don't worry, plenty of plaid material will be available to create a 'kilt’ for this event.

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