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Schedule for the 2022 Games

Gates open for Clan setup and competitors

6:30 am

SE Regional Highland Dancing Championship

8:30 am 

Gates open to the public

8:45 am

Athletic competitions begin

9:00 am

Clann Ciúil (Entertainment Stage) &
Border Collie Herding

9:30 am

Children’s Activities & Games

10:00 am

Seldom Sober (Entertainment Stage) &
Border Collie Herding

11:00 am

Opening Ceremony

Presentation of Colors, Flowers of the Forest,

Parade of Tartans, Massed Bands, and children's kilted run 

12:00 pm

Competitions resume
Clann Ciúil (Entertainment Stage)

12:30 pm

Children's Activities Border &
Collie Herding

1:00 pm

Pre-premier Highland Dancing
Seldom Sober (Entertainment Stage)

1:30 pm

Clann Ciúil (Entertainment Stage)

2:30 pm

Seldom Sober Culver on the Entertainment Stage


Clann Ciúil  on the Entertainment Stage

2:30 pm

Border Collie Herding

3:00 pm

Seldom Sober (Entertainment Stage)

3:30 pm

Highland Dance Awards Presentation

4:00 pm

Heavy Athletics Awards begin

4:00 pm

Closing Ceremony

4:30 pm

* All times are subject to change.

Pipe bands will make regular performances around the field throughout the day.


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