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Highland Dancing


Savannah is proud to host the ScotDance Highland Dancing Southeast Regional Championships, one of six Highland Dance competitions held throughout the United States each spring. Seven age groups compete in four dances, with the top three winners in each group (from the Savannah Regional Championships) are eligible to compete in the 2023 ScotDance National Championships held in Portland, Oregon from July 19th through July 23rd

The tremendous strength, stamina, and technical precision that accomplished dancers (Premier ScotDance Highland Dance SE Regional Competition in the morning) exhibit on stage come from years of independent training and collaboration with experienced teachers. Ambitious new students (Pre-Premier Highland Dancers compete in the afternoon) develop self-discipline and confidence as they learn to tackle the physical demands of Highland dancing.


In addition to perpetuating a great cultural tradition, highland dancers appreciate the athletic challenges, competitive goals, and performance opportunities and the chance to meet and become lifelong friends with dancers from other areas, both nationally and internationally.


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