Piping & Drumming

Whether this is your first Games event or you're a seasoned Scotsman, the glorious sounds of the pipes and drums are an inspiration to behold.

Come listen to the sounds of Scotland and thrill in the bourdon of the bagpipes and the cadence of the drums as talented pipers and drummers perform around the grounds at the 44th Savannah Scottish Games.

The history of Piping - ironically, bagpipes (correctly the “pipes”) are inextricably tied to two of Scotland’s historical foes, the Romans and the Sassenachs -- primarily the English. Some historians believed that the pipes were used in Scotland as early as 100 AD.   By the year 1000, the bagpipes were popular throughout Scotland and by 1500 AD every clan chieftain worthy of the name had a piper in his retinue.  The modern great pipes were developed in the Scottish highlands. 


Today, we continue to honor this tradition with our piping competition and bagpipe bands.