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Piping & Drumming

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Registration is now closed for the EUSPBA Sanctioned Pipe and Drum competitions for Soloists and Grade 4 and 5 Pipe Bands.

Register to Compete will commence in 2025:

Thank you to the Solo Pipers & Drummers as well as the following Pipe Bands who competed in the 2024 Savannah Scottish Games in Savannah! Looking forward to seeing you in 2025 for another great day of competition.


Bagpipes (the “pipes”) are inextricably tied to Scotland’s historical foes, the Romans and the Sassenachs -- primarily the English. Bagpipes have ancient roots and can be traced back to various regions, including the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.


Some historians believed that the pipes were used in Scotland as early as 100 AD, popular by 1000 AD and by 1500 AD every major clan chieftain had a piper in his retinue! 


The modern Great Highland Bagpipe is perhaps the most well-known type and was developed in the Scottish Highlands.  

Interested in further details?

Please contact Mike Larsen at


First Place Trophy for 1st Place Winner of 

Pipe Band Competition 

In Memory of Shelton P. Sanford, II

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